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Emily Cobb

Owner / Emily Cobb Interiors

By mixing colors, patterns, and textures, and by introducing old to new and classic to unexpected, I create dynamic interiors with timeless appeal.

Born with a nagging creative bone, I have spent my entire life admiring colors, textures, and spaces. I grew up drawing, painting, and always imagining what could be. Before I realized that I should parlay this passion into an exciting and fulfilling career, I studied Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC Chapel Hill and joined the corporate race in Washington, D.C. After wising up to the “do what you love” philosophy, I returned to school, achieved a degree in Interior Design, and have been happy as a pig in her sty ever since!

My experience in the design field has ranged from working for a developer on a new construction project, working for an architect, a residential designer, and now to running my own design firm. I bring a well-rounded perspective to my projects, I understand each player’s process, and I know how to get things done. That’s important! I love learning, and I believe that makes me a better designer. With all of the beautiful design books, magazines, and blogs out there, I have endless material to comb through for inspiration. I’m all over it. I’m always trying to find new ways to enhance a space.

One of my favorite parts of my job is that it allows me to work with incredibly wonderful people like you. Some of you like cozy rooms with charming architectural nooks and fabrics galore. Others prefer soaring windows and minimal furnishings. Whatever the case may be, I absolutely love each day that I get to spend making your space live up to what you only imagined it could be. By mixing colors, patterns, and textures, and by introducing old to new and classic to unexpected, I create dynamic interiors with timeless appeal.